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Salt Crafts Floor Vase
Salt Crafts Floor Vase Salt Crafts Floor Vase
Salt Crafts

Salt Crafts Floor Vase

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At the beginning of the development of "SALT CRAFTS" there was a vision: Martin Goerg intended to create functional objects with a clear design language while thriving for exciting shapes and versatile surfaces. Starting with basic geometrical shapes and incorporating his distinctive knowledge of material, firing and glazing, he developed the extraordinary characteristic features of "SALT CRAFTS". The surface of each object is treated with a coarse layer of slurry and smooth porcelain engobe. Vases, tea bowls, mugs and tea pots - all products within this collection feature this striking tactility. Aestone offers three different colour tones: pale blue, black and white, white-orange.
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Additional Information

Weight ~ in kg 8
Delivery time 10-14 Days
Color blue I white
Collection Salt Crafts
Dimensions h ~ 45 cm I d ~ 25 cm
Designer Martin Goerg
Material Ceramic
Ident-Nummer MG0111
Aestone Artist Martin Goerg

Martin Goerg

Clay is an exceptionally versatile material - incredibly fascinating, yet unpredictable at times. I truly enjoy constantly crafting new and inspiring designs by combining a variety of different techniques – through working with different colours, surface textures as well as the unique firing process which ultimately creates a new material.
My work is characterized by a clear and strict design language. Simple forms contrast with vivid surfaces, brought to live by my experimental approach to salt-firing in the kiln - giving each item its truly unique character. All of my creations are centred around vessels – however only in the broadest sense. For instance, in the collection “MONUMENTS” the object’s original purpose is barely recognizable. With their pure momentum and ‘irritating’ malfunction, they ultimately serve only one purpose: they invite the viewer to examine, reflect and think about inside, outside, sense and space.
All objects are unique pieces and gradually evolved in the course of my work often one building onto the other. The shapes, proportions and design of my current collection reflect the essence of my creative and artisanal development.