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Inbetween Worlds


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As a wayfarer between art and nature, Andreas Hinder went on an exciting and creative path. In his sculptural collection "IN BETWEEN WORLDS", form, structure and colours melt together into a fascinating symbiosis, somewhere between reality and abstraction. The blueprint for each animal sculpture evolves through studies of nature, backward looks into art history and by repeating the same theme in different variations. Thus it might occur that only the fourth fox the artist created meets his aesthetic demands and only the fifth crow features the facial expression he is aiming for. As a result, every piece is very unique with individual impressions, mimics and body postures. And they always mirror human views of life: the fierce wolf, the cunning fox, the thieving magpies and the old rabbit. Some of the animals have an odd, quirky expression while others radiate – calmness and serenity through their posture and dignity – which they also transfer into the room they "live" in.
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Additional Information

Weight ~ in kg 3.3
Delivery time 5-7 days
Color grey I brown
Collection Inbetween Worlds
Dimensions h ~ 28 cm I l ~ 19 cm I b ~ 19 cm
Designer Andreas Hinder
Material Ceramic
Ident-Nummer AH0105
Andreas Hinder Aestone Artist

Andreas Hinder

“Since 1994 multiple animal sculptures were created in my workshop and then found a new home. They stand in shelves, secure passageways or rest calmly on their pedestals. Big, rough, edgy ones are meant to stay outside and small, gentle and delicate ones are allowed inside. They are not realistic replicas of nature but rather hybrids of all sorts of animal depictions. These are influenced by myth and tales of all cultures, images of art history or icons of contemporary comics. In my workshop they merge into independent creatures, ready to concur the hearts of their new owners. During the formation process, the material always plays an essential role. I love clay and all its facets: silky smooth or gritty, porcelain white, brick red or deep black, earthy, native or brilliantly colourful and shiny, anything is possible. When creating my animal sculptures, I choose from a broad range of surface finishing’s’ and colours. In order to simulate skin, fur or feathers I prefer developing a translation into the material clay rather than aiming for a photorealistic reproduction. The firing in the kiln at 1200 degrees further adds to the individual look of each creature. During my childhood I already encountered the intuitive design process, handling of materials and the craftsmanship skills. My father was an artisanal craftsman in our family manufacture which was founded by my grandfather who started collecting and marketing of artisanal ceramics already in the 1920s.”