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Plate I L
Plate I L Plate I L Plate I L Plate I L

Plate I L

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Tableware which obtains the same characteristics as a painting. The decoration of Susanne Altzweig’s collection "JARDIN" is vivid, expressive and picturesque while never being intrusive. Almost like being in the midst of natural elements of pale blue, earthy, stone tones and deep dark blues inspired by the night skies can be found. In accordance with its natural appeal, only food-safe glazing and non - harmful color pigments are applied. Nonetheless all pieces are dishwasher, microwave and oven-proof. The collection consists of plates in three different sizes, cups for tea, juice or coffee as well as bowls for soup or cereal. When decorating a table, the four variations in color and decorative styles beautiful complement each other or can be presented individually combined with very subtle tableware like for instance AESTONE ORIGINS or with pure white porcelain.
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Additional Information

Weight ~ in kg 1.8
Delivery time 5-7 days
Color multicolor
Collection Jardin
Dimensions h ~ 2,5 cm I d ~ 33 cm
Designer Susanne Altzweig
Material Ceramic
Ident-Nummer SA0119
Susanne Altzweig Aestone Artist

Susanne Altzweig

"Could a cup featuring colourful blossoms possibly brighten up a morning? Whilst my tableware meets all of the functionalities required by an everyday utensil, color and decoration are my primary focal points when designing. Subtle forms leave room for elaborate and expressive décor - from intuitive, abstract patterns to more realistic floral motives. Working with textiles has always been my main passion – it is what I draw my inspiration from: patterns, colours, paintings and exhibitions. Experiencing the world with an open mind, especially in visual but also haptic terms – I am inspired by everything that surrounds me. From the smallest snapshots to more detailed recollections, I memorise details and subconsciously they flow into and influence the creative process. The colours I work with range from fresh to more subtle shades to deep color tones. Handcrafted at the potters’ wheel using local clays, the glazed raw objects are hand painted, scribed and fired at 1180 degree in the electric kiln. My secondary passion is the creative ‘discussion’ between vases and vessels - freely built from clay plates, with matt multiple layered surfaces. Some are decorated with patterns, most of them coloured and partly glazed - they can be considered as functional assets but do not have to be."